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Tools & Hardlines

We carry a full line of tools, arborist supplies and chemicals to outfit any landscaper with whatever they might need to do the job right. Our line of tools is professional grade and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


We carry professional grade Brentwood wheelbarrows. We have many sizes and styles to choose from, starting with 6 cu. Ft. single wheel up to 10 cu. Ft. single wheel. Dual wheel models are available in 6 cu. Ft., 8 cu. Ft., and 10 cu. ft. These barrels are made of high quality hardened poly. A 6 cu. Ft. steel wheelbarrow is also available.


We carry Earthway spreaders. We offer a few different models. We have a light duty 50# spreader as well as a heavy duty model and a couple 100# models available. We also carry hand held seed spreaders and a large capacity spreader that is ideal for penn mulch and ice melter products.

Long handle tools

Our long handle tools are comprised from a few different vendors in order to offer you the very best possible. From shovels to rakes to digging bars to post hole diggers and more…we have it all. Manufactures include Union, Razorback, Ames Tru Temper, Border Concepts, and more. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask us and we’ll order it for you.

Arborist Supplies

From tree grips and thimbles to climbing saddles and ropes and everything in between, our arborist supplies are fully stocked. We have many different varieties of climbing spikes, saddles, and climbing lines. Special orders are usually filled within 3-5 days.

Mason & Paver Supplies

You will be amazed by the amount of masonry and paver tools we carry. We stock a full line of levels, screeds, jointing tools, caulk, eye and ear protection, and more. We also have paver splitters and cutoff saws available for purchase or to rent.

Pruners & Loppers

We carry a full line of pruners and loppers. Whether you are looking for an economical pair for your workers and or a high end pair from Felco or Corona, we have them in stock. We also carry replacement blades and springs for Felco pruners and Corona loppers. Leather sheaths and scabbers are also available.

Landscape fabric & Burlap

We carry Hanes landscape fabric in sizes ranging from 3’ x 50’ up to 12’ 7” x 300’. It is a 3 oz. fabric and great for weed mat as well as behind stone walks as a filter fabric. We also carry burlap squares and rolls.

Watering Supplies

We carry many different sprinklers, hoses, timers and hose repair items. We have soaker hoses, watering hoses, and even no-kink in 50’ and 100’ lengths. We also carry tri-pod sprinkler, oscillating sprinklers, hose menders, watering wands and more.

Grading Rakes

These are the best tools for prepping an area to be seeded. They are lightweight aluminum and are now available in 24” up to 48”. The two styles are straight tooth or sifting for a finer grade.


We carry lawn and paver edging. The lawn edging is available in 20’ contractor grade plastic and aluminum, in either mill or black duraflex. We also carry steel edging in multiple sizes. Our steel edging from Border Concepts is available in the following sizes: 1/8”x 4”x 10’, 1/8”x 4”x 16’, 3/16”x 4”x 16’, or Ό”x 5”x 16’. Our paver edging is available in 7 ½’, 8’, or 15’ sections. We carry Beast, Snap Edge, and Oly Ola.

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We carry many liquid and bagged pesticides for treating a wide range of problems. Some items are in a concentrate form, while others are ready to use. Depending on what you are trying to resolve will decide which product is best for you. We carry both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides and a full line of insecticides, as well as fungicides.

Leaf Rakes

We carry Ames Greensweeper rakes in three sizes: 24”, 30” & 36”. We also have McGuire bamboo rakes available in 24” & 30”. Also we carry a couple of different lines of spring rakes.

Cutoff saws & Blades

We carry MK saws as well as MK Diamond blades and Gazel diamond blades. Our dry cut MK saws have an optional stand and dust cover. Wet saws are available upon request. Our diamond blades are available in 12” & 14”. Smaller sizes are available by special order. We offer different blades depending on your use: concrete, asphalt, bluestone, granite, etc.

Tree Guying Equipment

We offer a couple different options for guying a tree. Duckbill tree guying kits are available for trees from 1” up to 12” in diameter. The kit has everything necessary to secure the tree. Another option is using tree stakes, tree hose and wire. We carry 6’ & 8’ oak stakes, 18 gauge and 12 gauge wire, and tree hose. We also carry stake drivers to make it easier to drive the stakes into the ground.


We carry a large variety of work gloves. From light duty to heavy duty. We have spring gloves, winter gloves, Ύ finger gloves and even waterproof gloves. We also carry rubber coated inexpensive gloves that are great for handling pavers and retaining wall block.

Ball Carts

We carry 1000# capacity and 1500# capacity ball carts by Border Concepts. They both have pneumatic tires and have optional cart stands which helps with carrying some other items.


We carry the Solo line of sprayers. We have hand held 1 gallon and 2 gallon sprayers, as well as 4 gallon and 5 gallon backpack sprayers. The backpack sprayers are available in either piston or diaphragm depending on what application you are using them for. It is a good idea to have separate sprayers for different chemicals. We also stock a full line of replacement parts and accessories.


It is always a good idea to tarp your plant material before leaving the nursery to protect it from wind burn. We carry green plastic tarps ranging in size from 6’x 8’ up to 30’x 40’. These tarps have a variety of uses such as covering wood piles, outdoor equipment, or anything else that you would want to keep dry. We also carry heavy duty mesh tarps. These range in sizes from 8’x 10’ up to 12’x 25’. We can also custom order these tarps in any size you want. These are a more permanent and better quality tarp than the plastic ones.

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